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190 Main St :: Saugerties, NY :: 12477 :: 845. 246. 1492

2 Doors from the movie theater in Historic Saugerties Village. Convenient parking in our lot.


About Us

Established 2009 - A Home for Cyclists of All Sorts

"...we have found a way to translate our personal real world experience and passion for cycling into a direct effect of more people riding bikes and being happy about it."

Revolution Bicycles existed in our minds for many years before becoming a reality. Steve and Samantha who met and married in NYC started dreaming and planning in 2002. Both are cycling afficonados. (We had 8 bikes in our studio apartment. When we got a bigger apartment, guess what? We got more bikes!)

Steve is a dyed in the wool cyclist, and even though he's NYC born and bred, he found ways to get out of Queens and Manhattan to go mountain biking every weekend. During the week, he took his road bike to Central Park or over the GW bridge and daily, rode his commuter to work at bike shops in Manhattan where he'd been working in various roles since the early 90s (in later years with our dog, Stella trotting along beside him. Another one of those quirky sights in NYC).

When he got home from work, he'd tune up his various bikes, read the latest on MTBR and dream up his next project. Then he'd plan where to go mountain biking the upcoming weekend.

Samantha, who grew up in Colorado always had a bike as a means of escape and freedom and always loved bikes in general. As a professional photographer, she made bicyclists a major theme in her work and documented the first Bicycle Messenger World Championships for Velo News in '98 then progressed to do editorial feature stories for Bicycing Magazine, Mountain Bike and other publications.

The bike shop began almost by accident in a 240sq ft retail store front 2 doors from our current location in April 2009. Vintage bikes were extremely popular in NYC and we had started refurbishing and reselling them. The bike shop Steve had been working for fell on hard times and the writing was on the wall, so we took our vintage bikes a step further. Already being second home owners in Ulster County, we found a tiny store front in Saugerties to get our fledgling bike business up and running.

Being new to the area, we didn't know what to expect, but the response from the local community was tremendous. We quickly expanded, taking over the larger retail space next door and occupying 2 store fronts. By the end of 2012, and with the introduction of TREK to our product lineup, it was time to grow again. We acquired the 2 story building next door. It was in sad (very very sad) shape and wasn't doing the neighborhood any favors in its eyesore condition. Converting the residential building to retail and completely gutting and renovating the property brought continuity to the Main St. commercial district, cleaned up the appearance of the block and finally allowed us to create the bike shop of our dreams. With immense and heart-felt thanks to all of our loyal customers, we opened doors in our new location Labor Day weekend, 2013. It wasn't long after that we bade NYC goodbye and made Ulster County our permanent home.

In our new custom-designed space we are able to really show off the Best of the Best of the products we carry. Test-rides are a breeze as customers can roll out the back door and ride the gravel parking area and out onto the scenic roads. We have plenty of room to highlight whatever is latest and greatest and our customers can really move around, or just take a comfy seat and pet the dog. Our service area has its own entrance and is roomy and efficient. (Steve finally got a great space to work on bikes!) And we have parking in back, plus room to hang out outside.

With the renovation of the building we were able to incorporate the themes of recycling and sustainability by re-using many of the old elements in new ways as part of the shop displays and counters.

What we finally created after many years of envisaging, then doing is a home for cyclists of all sorts. Really. Whatever you're dreaming of, or have in mind, or think you might like, you can come here and check it out, pick our brains and finally take home.
We're happy to see anyone and everyone on a bike, whether it's a state of the art carbon road bike or a bright pink beach cruiser.

We just love them all and we have found a way to translate our personal real world experience and passion for cycling into a direct effect of more people riding bikes and being happy about it.

As our business grows and sustains, we keep finding more ways to get people out there and we devote significant effort to advocacy for new trails, safer streets, more cycling events and strengthening the community of cyclists as a whole. And it takes all of us. So come in, say hi and Join the Revolution.


Revolution Bicycles

190 Main St. Saugerties, NY 12477


2 Doors from the Movie Theater in Historic Saugerties Village.
Convenient Parking in Our Lot.




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